Glass balustrades for stairs, decks, balconies & landings

Wind breakBase mounted clamp balastradeDouble disk balustrade fixingPost balustradesBalustrades are ideal for a variety of uses including wind breaks, balconies, pool fences, internal and extrernal stairs and landings.

Our free standing glass balustrade systems use the structural strength of toughened glass and anchoring systems that comply with specifications and requirements of the New Zealand building codes.

Regarded as an architectural feature, they can be used to provide practical benefits such as safety, added light and the impression of space. They also maximise the view from and value of your home.

The three most common types of balustrade are:

Base Channel Balustrades

The first three photo's illustrate two uses of a base channel blastrade where the safty glass is mounted in a powder-coated aluminium or stainless steel base channel. They are widely used for decks, pool fences, internal landings or for providing a wind break with uninterrupted views to the scenary beyond.

Disk Mounted Balustrades

Both single and double disc anchors attach glass balastrades to structures such as blaconies and stairs. The single disk anchors are positioned in a single horizontal row. The double disc anchors are usually stacked vertically. This frameless balustrade can be attached to both concrete, wood and steel and provide unobstructed views. Spacers are added to allow for cleaning and in exterior positions to allow for water to drain from the adjacent surface. 

Post Balustrades 

Semi frameless post balustrades use vertical posts made of either aluminium or stainlees steel with clamps to position the glass within the post.

They are cost effectve and are suitable for balustrades, pool fences and wind breaks.



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