Retro Double Glazing for aluminium and wooden frames

Retro Double glazing can make all the difference in creating a warm and welcoming home – even more so when it’s installed by experienced professionals who understand the importance of using proven, reliable systems and maintaining your home’s character and style.

Mike’s Glass has been offering top quality retro double glazing solutions to the Wellington region for the last 25 years. You’re able to choose from the best products on the market for both aluminium and wooden framed windows and doors, backed up a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty on the retro double glazed units. 

You also receive a lifetime warranty on our workmanship, ensuring you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of our professional retro double glazing system in complete comfort:

A warmer home:
More than 20% of heat loss in an average home is via the windows. Retro double glazing can improve your window insulation by up to 73%, reducing thermal transfer and making your home warmer in winter and also cooler in summer. 

A drier and healthier home:
A cold, damp home is a health hazard to your family and can contribute to serious health problems. Our retro double glazing systems can reduce condensation collecting on the inner surface of the window or door and help prevent the growth of mould.

A quieter home: 
Using laminate on the internal pane of the retro double glazing unit (also known as an Insulated Glazed Unit or IGU) helps to reduce noise by up to 70%, offering you a quieter, more relaxing environment. 

Lower energy costs: 
Retro double glazing will help retain heat within your home and reduce your monthly power bill.

UV protection:
Retro double glazing can reduce UV damage to soft furnishings by more than 90%.

Added safety and security:
Laminated glass is much harder to break, and provides an added level of security for your family when used for the internal panel.


Find out how effective and affordable retro double glazing could be in your home by calling us for a free, no obligation quote.



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